New 55 4x5 Instant Film for 545 Holders!

     So those of you that like to make images with large format film probably know that the old instant films are long gone. You can find them here and there on eBay for $200 and up for a 10 pack and even then, there is no guarantee that they will work.

     Well, I found out about this inventor/engineer who lives in Massachusetts who has taken it upon himself to start making large format instant film for 4x5 camera that use the 545 holders available again. He found himself some investor and some help and they make this stuff BY HAND! They have had several successful batches produced and sold. You have a choice of 4x5 color instant, 4x5 B&W positive/negative instant, Panchromatic sheet, and ready loaded sheet films. They even have 545 holders and Ilford rapid fixer for sale!

     The instant films run for $75 for a pack of 5 which is WAY less expensive than what you can find the Polaroid Type 55 instant film for. Everything else on their site is very reasonably priced. They are selling small batches in order to build up enough funds to start mass production which I cannot wait for!

     I ordered the B&W instant with the Ilford fixer for the negative and I will be posting images here once I get the kit. You can find out more by clicking this link to the New 55 site.