Still Working with NEW55

     I am still having some issues with this film even after purchasing another 545 holder and cleaning the old one. The chemicals got all over the inside of the old one while sliding the film out of the holder. YES, it was in release mode. I threw that one in the garbage because I was getting tired of tearing it down and cleaning it. The new holder however, is holding up much better. I still can't get the film to stop popping off the retention clip on the holder when trying to expose the film. This is very annoying. I now have two trouble tickets in with NEW55 I still have yet to receive a response so I hit them up on their Facebook page. They replied back within 30 minutes with a link to their support page. Yeah, same thing after I told them that I already had 2 tickets open with answer. So I really didn't want to make my issues with their product public but since that is the only way to get a response out of them, that is what I will do. Here is one of 3 out of 10 that sorta of turned out. Keep in mind that this film is $75 for a pack of 5.