New55 Results!

     Well, at $75 for 5 sheets, the New55 instant film for Polaroid 545 holders is VERY expensive. I had the opportunity to try some of this film the other night. I had mixed results but I believe my holder might be the issue. I bought it used off of eBay so I am going to get a refurbished one from New55. Yes, they sell these too!

     The first two that I tried made a huge mess and the chemicals were smeared all over the positive and the negative was blank. I thought that there was something wrong with the film so I emailed New55 and in less than 24 hours I got a response suggesting that the metal clip didn't hold properly and the film slid out with the cover. They provided me a link to a video that had audio only but I was able to figure out what they were talking about. I guess with these instant film sheets, you have to tap the metal clip to "prepare" it for the holder. I did this and the next image that I made came out perfect. Well, the next 3 did not and the same thing happened with them that happened with the first two. I noticed that the metal strip was not staying engaged in the holder. So basically, I wasted $75 worth of film trying to figure out what was going on. Here is one of two images that somewhat turned out.

     My first one was a hammer that actually looks pretty cool. So off to order another 545 holder to see what the results are with that. Hopefully New55 gets enough purchases so that they can start to mass produce this film and drop the price for people like me. Until next time!