Genre Change

I have decided that my calling is product photography. I will still be shooting with and developing film and other genres but my main focus will be on commercial product photography. I really enjoy being able to take my time with project.

I have changed out my online portfolio to reflect this change and it will be updated as I complete new work. I should have more time to provide updated images since I will be graduating soon!

C-41 mishap

Fun times. Soooo...I decided that this past weekend would be a good idea to mix a new batch of C-41 so that I could develop some Motophoto and Spartan 135mm color films. The developer has three parts A, B, and C. I added what I thought was 5 16oz beakers full of 120° water and then added part A...all good and then I added part B which started to over flow. WTH right? So that left me with part C left. Apparently, I dumped 6 16oz beakers in the 1 GAL jug. DUH!! Needless to say, I am now waiting on some more C-41 chemical. :D

Polaroid Type 55

Well, I bought myself another Graflex since the the one that I have broke. This auction came with Polaroid Type 55 instant film, opened, and a 545 holder. Normally, when you see open Type 55, you assume that the chemicals are dried out and the film is no good. Well, I thought the same when I purchased this camera but I decided to try the Type 55 anyway. I could feel the gel pack and it was actually soft!!! The chems were still good and I got a nice negative and positive of my back yard!

New old 120mm film.

I picked up a few rolls of Orwo NC19 film but not before I found out that you can't get chemicals for it anymore. So I decided to first try using the E-6 process....I thought that images came out rather interesting. I didn't read anything on how to develop it so I stuck it in the bath at 40º C. Well that was a mistake because apparently, there is a thin plastic coating on the film that peeled off from being developed in a hot bath. At least I think that is why it peeled off. After some further research on this film, it is supposed to be developed at 20º C and not 40. Next roll I will develop using C-41 which I have seen some really cool results from others using this method.

Back to Class!

This is the first day back to class after taking a break for the holidays. I will be taking Digital Darkroom and Studio Photography. I am really excited about the Studio Photography class since I have been spending a ton of time in my studio trying to learn as much as I can about lighting. I will be uploading some new images soon so stay tuned!

No Response from New55

No update from New55 on the film and holder that they were supposed to send me. It has been months. I think I will just stick with regular film.

I started making images with a Bronica medium format camera. :) It is wonderful!

NEW55 Update!

I actually made some progress with NEW55 today. Apparently they have been swamped with the new color instant film that they are coming out with and this is why it has been a pain to get a hold of them. Well, the owner Sam Hiser, contacted me today and left me his phone number. I call him and I explained to him what was going on and the issues that I have been having getting good results from the NEW55 PN which is their B&W instant film. Sam offered to send me a refurbished holder and a replacement pack of film. He then told me to give him a call on Skype and together we will work through the issues that I have been having with his product. Where can you find customer service like this?? I am looking forward to this meet!

Still Working with NEW55

     I am still having some issues with this film even after purchasing another 545 holder and cleaning the old one. The chemicals got all over the inside of the old one while sliding the film out of the holder. YES, it was in release mode. I threw that one in the garbage because I was getting tired of tearing it down and cleaning it. The new holder however, is holding up much better. I still can't get the film to stop popping off the retention clip on the holder when trying to expose the film. This is very annoying. I now have two trouble tickets in with NEW55 I still have yet to receive a response so I hit them up on their Facebook page. They replied back within 30 minutes with a link to their support page. Yeah, same thing after I told them that I already had 2 tickets open with answer. So I really didn't want to make my issues with their product public but since that is the only way to get a response out of them, that is what I will do. Here is one of 3 out of 10 that sorta of turned out. Keep in mind that this film is $75 for a pack of 5.


New55 Results!

     Well, at $75 for 5 sheets, the New55 instant film for Polaroid 545 holders is VERY expensive. I had the opportunity to try some of this film the other night. I had mixed results but I believe my holder might be the issue. I bought it used off of eBay so I am going to get a refurbished one from New55. Yes, they sell these too!

     The first two that I tried made a huge mess and the chemicals were smeared all over the positive and the negative was blank. I thought that there was something wrong with the film so I emailed New55 and in less than 24 hours I got a response suggesting that the metal clip didn't hold properly and the film slid out with the cover. They provided me a link to a video that had audio only but I was able to figure out what they were talking about. I guess with these instant film sheets, you have to tap the metal clip to "prepare" it for the holder. I did this and the next image that I made came out perfect. Well, the next 3 did not and the same thing happened with them that happened with the first two. I noticed that the metal strip was not staying engaged in the holder. So basically, I wasted $75 worth of film trying to figure out what was going on. Here is one of two images that somewhat turned out.

     My first one was a hammer that actually looks pretty cool. So off to order another 545 holder to see what the results are with that. Hopefully New55 gets enough purchases so that they can start to mass produce this film and drop the price for people like me. Until next time!

New 55 4x5 Instant Film for 545 Holders!

     So those of you that like to make images with large format film probably know that the old instant films are long gone. You can find them here and there on eBay for $200 and up for a 10 pack and even then, there is no guarantee that they will work.

     Well, I found out about this inventor/engineer who lives in Massachusetts who has taken it upon himself to start making large format instant film for 4x5 camera that use the 545 holders available again. He found himself some investor and some help and they make this stuff BY HAND! They have had several successful batches produced and sold. You have a choice of 4x5 color instant, 4x5 B&W positive/negative instant, Panchromatic sheet, and ready loaded sheet films. They even have 545 holders and Ilford rapid fixer for sale!

     The instant films run for $75 for a pack of 5 which is WAY less expensive than what you can find the Polaroid Type 55 instant film for. Everything else on their site is very reasonably priced. They are selling small batches in order to build up enough funds to start mass production which I cannot wait for!

     I ordered the B&W instant with the Ilford fixer for the negative and I will be posting images here once I get the kit. You can find out more by clicking this link to the New 55 site.

Very Expired and Opened Polaroid Type 55 Sheet Film

     So I purchased some Polaroid Type 55 that had been opened. I picked up 18 of them for $35. Yeah, none of them work. The chems were all dried up. I went through almost all of them hoping to find one that would work. NOPE! The paper wouldn't even slide off the film to expose it. I am wondering now if all of the offerings on eBay are like that. I think New 55 might be my only option at this point but at $75 a pack, that can get expensive. I will continue to keep on eye on eBay and maybe I will be able to find some for a decent price.

Large Format Photography

     So I just recently finished up a class on View Camera Theory and after seeing some of the work by famous photographers who used these cameras, I decided to pick one up off of eBay. At this point, I didn't realize how hard it is to find 4x5 sheet film for these cameras or how expensive it is. For example, the 4x5 Polaroid 55 instant film runs around $200 for 12 sheets. No thanks, I'm good. The single sheets that are not instant are MUCH less expensive and in most cases expired. I am good with expired and I actually prefer it due to some of the cool artifacts you get once it isdeveloped.


     It took me only a few minutes to figure out how to work the camera since I have not seen one of these beasts up close. The are not exactly portable and it is hard to believe that photojournalists carried these things around reporting the news. The film was easy to load since it came with a 16 sheet pack which has these tabs that you pull to expose the film to the image coming through the lens. This was the easy part. The hard part came when I tried to open, separate, and load the film into the tank inside of a developing bag made for 35mm or 120mm film. I was using a three reel Paterson tank with a MOD 54 spindle. It was VERY difficult to work inside such a small space. The MOD 54 only holds six sheets of film so I had to stuff the other 10 back in the holder and hope that I closed it enough to keep the light out.

     Once I had the film in the tank, I developed like I normally would. Come to find out that I was agitation the tank with too great of force and the sheets slipped off of the spindle and stuck together on the inside of the tank. The caused some of them to stick together which made for some trippy looking images.


     I have since then decided to use my studio which has four window wells that are covered with blackout blinds. This allowed me to set up a table and red safe light to work with. This time I only used two sheets of film as a test to see if the red light will negatively effect the film. I will be posting the results soon!