My name is Sean Reese and I am the owner of SMRPhotographics LLC, which is located in Fountain, Colorado. My sub-genre specializes in product photography and I have over two years of experience in the field. My style involves soft and focused light and not the hard light that you see in many product images. I like to use mirrors and other reflective materials so that I can pinpoint my light sources to exactly where I want them. I believe that this technique helps to define my style in a way that is different from others. I make my own props and rigs giving my images that special touch that appeals to my clients and allows me to stand apart from my competition.

     I am taking my photography in a new direction where I experiment with new techniques that break away from the norm. This is better for my clients because it will give them a new perspective on the image of their products. I hope that this new perspective will help them to think outside of the box when it comes to visually presenting their products. I know that my strengths in lighting and composition of my client’s products will help to complete their vision of what they want their customers to see. My image retouching abilities are an added skill set that will help polish the final product giving my clients a product that they will be proud to present to their customers!